The Parish Council

Kelvedon Hatch Parish Council is made up of eleven Councillors elected every four years.

The existing members are as follows:-  

Cllr. Stephen Saunders, Chair
Stonecroft School Road
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0DL

E-mail: stevesaunders* (replace * with @)


Cllr. Richard North, Vice Chair
Great Fox Meadow
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0AX
E-mail: rick.north* (replace * with @)


Cllr. Janet Wright
Aosta School Road
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0DL
E-mail: jan.wright5* (replace * with @)


Cllr. John Woodhouse
Elmtree Avenue
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0BH
E-mail: woodhouse* (replace * with @)


 Cllr. David Jobbins
Glovers Field
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0BD
E-mail: david* (replace * with @)


Cllr Linda Matthew
The Coppice
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0BD

E-mail:* (replace * with @)



Daniel Liddard
Blackmore Road
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0AX
Email: Daniel.Liddard*
(replace * with @)


Cllr High Gorton
Horseman Court
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0XD

E-mail: hugh.gorton* (replace * with @)


Cllr. Sandy Tanner
Whitefield Way
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0FA 

E-mail: sandyt83* (replace * with @)






Parish Clerk

Derek Munro
12 Briarwood
Kelvedon Hatch
CM15 0BG
Tel: 01277 374009
Public Contact Hours: 09.00 - 12.00, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
E-mail: Please click


Brentwood Borough Councillors:


Essex County Councillor:

Roger McCheyne
Email: roger.mccheyne* (replace * with @)

Lesley Wagland
Tel: 01277 353674
Email: cllr.lesley.wagland* (replace * with @)

Keith Parker
Tel: 01277 200589 Mob: 07773 844150
Email: keith* (replace * with @)



Cliff Poppy
Tel: 07718483204
Email: cliff.poppy* (replace * with @)