Parish Pump


The Parish Pump - May 2019

Firstly, to the local Parish Election, which was due to be held, along with the Ward Borough Elections, on 2nd May 2019. There were only 8 nominations for the 11 seats on the Parish Council and so these nominees will be elected uncontested, that is without holding an election. This also means that as of May there will be three seats which the Parish Council can co-opt volunteers into, provided the Borough Council's Returning Officer finds them qualified which is mainly to do with residency. So if there are any persons out there in the Village who would like to be a Councillor please contact our Parish Clerk, Mr. Derek Munro, whose details are inside the backcover of this Newsletter.

This year the Chairman of the Parish Council will hold the Annual Parish Meeting on the 16th of May 2019. Normally this would be held later in the month, but in order not clash with any EU Elections that might be held, the meeting has been brought forward. At this meeting the Chairman of the Parish Council will give an update on the activities of the Council during the past year and invite anyone else present to make comments or proposals that can be taken forward to the next Parish Council Meeting which will be held on 13th June 2019. Everyone can attend this Parish Meeting.

It's that time of year again when the PC would like any nominations for our Citizenship Awards. This is where people who have made outstanding, voluntary contributions to Kelvedon Hatch community life can be nominated for the Award. The nominees do not have to live here, but in some way have made life in our community much better for our parishioners. Serving Councillors, either Ward or Parish are not expected to be nominated; some of us would not accept nomination anyway. There are two types of awards, one for anyone and a youth award for people under 18 yrs. The end of June is the deadline for nominations.

We have been made aware that many people have had a trying time getting appointments at the Deal Tree Surgery since a new system was put into practice, this has now reverted to the old system, which was not too special anyway. We are going to try to organise a petition to forward to our MP to see if he can persuade the NHS Watchdogs to help out. This idea will be developed if the replacement system shows no improvements.

The Brentwood Borough Council is nearing the establishment of Dog Wardens who will have powers of issuing fines of up to £400 on people who allow their dogs to mess without picking up. Proof of ability to 'pick up' will be to carry, so called, poo bag. This is welcome news to many of us who have, or who have children who have trodden in 'it' and need to clean up. There has also been the trouble of uncontrolled dogs in places like Poors' Field at the Village Hall where there is a rule in place of keeping dogs under control on a lead of some description.

This is a local rule that is regularly and purposely flouted by seemingly law-abiding citizens on the grounds that they did not know. When it is pointed out to them they then verbally abuse and even threaten to physically assault. Funny old world. The Parish Council fully supports the Village Hall Trustees in their efforts to make this asset safe and healthy for the beneficiaries of the Charity, i.e. the whole village.

We also discussed the installation of a height restriction barrier at the entrance to Eagle Field in order to dissuade incursions of a 'holiday nature', without restricting access to lawn mowers. We are also looking to re-enforce the hedging at the other end of the field to make the soak-away pond safer, this might also make flooding at Brizes Corner junction less of a problem.

We have been trying to restrict access to byway 22 (Brizes Corner to Frog Street) to help prevent fly tipping and deter the use of 4x4s gaining access to now nearly ruined Fuzzy Bit of woods to the rear of the Camping Shop. Unfortunately, the Committee set up by Essex County Council to consider such matters seems to include members who advocate such off road activities. Hey Ho, such is life.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be in the Committee Room of the Village Hall at 8.00pm on the 9th May, 2019. This will be the Parish Council's AGM.

Cllr. Richard North