Parish Pump


The Parish Pump - July 2018

The Parish Council met on a Thursday in July in the Committee Room of the Village Hall.

Brentwood Borough Councillor Poppy was in attendance and informed us that a team of 20 enforcement officers were in the process of being trained and would soon be deployed across the Borough. The officers will have many of the same powers as the Police and will be able to deal with matters such as fly-tipping, littering, anti-social behaviour, parking offences and vandalism.

Unfortunately the resource will come too late to have prevented the recent plague of vandalism that has impacted the village's communal spaces over the last few weeks. A group of vandals have destroyed two of the benches around Swan Pond and caused further damage to the bus stops. The Parish Council is arranging for their replacement and they will be arriving soon. A Police report has been filed. In addition, considerable vandalism has been carried out in Eagle Field with fences being destroyed. There was a discussion about what could be done to prevent a repeat of this mindless behaviour including consideration of making use of our currently ornamental stocks at the end of Stocks Lane.

There was also a discussion about the level of inconsiderate and, often illegal, parking in various locations on or near School Lane. Residents have been blocked in their driveways and received verbal abuse when trying to address the situation. Advice was received from the Essex County Councillor in attendance and we will be informing affected residents on how to compile appropriate evidence of the offences and how to pass them onto the authorities. Please park considerately.

In better news it was confirmed that the storm drains next to the zebra crossing on the Blackmore Road and the one at the junction of the Blackmore Road and the Ongar Road had finally been flushed through and the serious flooding that was occurring whenever we had a downpour should now be prevented. I think it became too much when someone set up a ferry service to get across the zebra.

You will have noticed the blooming planter boxes around the village. While we try and get to as many of them as we can, it would be very welcome for residents neighbouring the planters to contribute to keeping them watered. Please get in touch if you are able to help with this initiative.

The Parish Council, in an effort to increase dialogue and engagement with residents, has increased its social media presence and maintains a Twitter and Facebook page. It has been constructive to hear more from residents through those channels and we would encourage you to use them as much as possible.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 13th September at 8pm at the Village Hall. We would really like to see you there and here your views. 

Cllr. Daniel Liddard