Finance Committee


The Finance Committee meets at least once a year, usually in November, to review the finances in the current year and to consider budgetary requirements for the following year. The committee may also meet at other times of the year if considered necessary by the full Parish Council or unless otherwise declared and appropriate notice given. The committee consists of four Parish Councillors and is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that financial transactions and records comply with the terms, conditions and requirements of the Financial Regulations.

  2. Preparing the Parish Council's annual budget and recommending it and a precept to the Parish Council no later than January each year.

  3. Developing, maintaining and monitoring the policy on the management of reserves.

  4. Oversight of the Financial Administration of the Council.

  5. Monitoring performance against budgets and taking any necessary action.

  6. Assessing and monitoring financial risks.

  7. Checking the asset register on an annual basis to ensure that all assets are included with their insurance or community value. The Committee will ensure that all items are included on the insurance policy.

  8. Ensuring that an adequate and effective system of internal audit of the council's accounting and control systems is in place and will review its effectiveness.

  9. At the end of each financial year the Committee will recommend the Accounts for approval to the Parish Council.

  10. Receiving and reviewing Audit Reports and arranging for the implementation of any recommendations.

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