Planning Committee


When possible the Planning Committee will meet before the main parish council meeting either 7.30pm or 7.45pm depending on the amount of business to be conducted. When a Planning Committee meeting is due to be held, notice of this and an agenda will be published on the village notice boards.

However, because of the time constraints for sending responses to planning applications to Brentwood Borough Council, most applications have to be dealt with quickly and do not leave enough time to set up a full formal meeting of the Planning Committee. Applications that cannot be deferred until a formal planning meeting are dealt with by the clerk who is authorised by adopted Standing Orders to respond to Brentwood Borough Council under delegated powers, after consultation with at least two members of the Planning Committee. Details of all applications dealt with are reported at full parish council meetings and recorded in the minutes.

Full details of all planning applications relating to the area administered by Kelvedon Hatch Parish Council
can be viewed at Brentwood Borough Council.

To see the Terms of Reference for the Planning Committee please click here

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